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Our school had been established on the 8th of May 1989 and for the past 28 years we have strived to make it our mission for each child to know that they are loved by God.

We encourage and lead children to achieve a high level of independence and creativity by taking children’s natural instincts to play, to move, to talk and to inquire into consideration.

We provide an affordable, safe, nurturing, high quality learning environment - enhanced by a partnership between parents and staff and we challenge each child - from a very early age - to start walking on a road of intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity.

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Pretoria Branch:

147 Flower Street,
Capital Park,
Pretoria, 0084.
Telephone: +27 12 323 6017
Fax Number: 086 612 2917
E-mail: info@capitalparkpreschool.co.za

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